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The Raveonettes @ the El Rey & Sonos Studio

It was great seeing the Raveonettes again in LA. Though I have seen them many times, I enjoy their performances and was pleasantly surprised at how packed the El Rey show was. I had planned to attend a couple other shows (Solana Beach and San Francisco), but that didn’t work out due to family events and health issues (not mine).

Anyways, I was still fortunate to attend both the El Rey show and the private show at Sonos Studio (thanks to the VIP All Access pass I had bought). The El Rey show was great, the Raveonettes and Melody’s Echo Chamber put on excellent performances. The El Rey is a great venue also because you can actually see the stage even better from the sides.

For me, there’s not a bad song in the Raveonettes catalog and I love the direction of the latest album Observator. It’s slightly more shoegaze-y and moody, which is something I always enjoy. They’ve definitely come a long way in the 10 years they’ve been playing as a band and I feel lucky to have seen them multiple times on most of their tours since Pretty In Black.

The sound check was pretty interesting because we watched the road crew set up for most of the time. Sune and Sharin came in only for a short time, but I heard that Sharin was sick (which is why the meet n greet was canceled and we were allowed to attend the private gig).  Melody’s Echo Chamber were somewhat dreamy in their sound, while still having a good beat. They also had more than their fair share of dance moves on stage, which is pretty fun to watch.

Sonos Studio was pretty interesting, though it’s not the best place to see a band. They played acoustic and were seated on a slightly raised stage, where they were also interviewed briefly by Nic Harcourt. It was interesting to see, but the show was mostly press and photographers. Free Heinekens and water, but I’m not a beer drinker. Getting any good photos was very difficult because of the low stage and many people surrounding it.

There may have been a meet n greet after that event, but I didn’t stay long enough to find out. I was exhausted from the weekend of events (then going to work) and trying to keep up with online classes. I need to stop overextending myself or just try to limit myself to one or two events at a time. One thing I was a little sad about was not actually trying to buy any merch. I was interesting in one of the totes and maybe a bundle pack, but I didn’t go before the El Rey show and didn’t wait to buy any after.

I put together a collage of my favorite Raveonettes pictures from the shows I attended, here are links to my Flickr sets:

The Raveonettes @ Sonos Studios

The Raveonettes
@ Sonos Studio

14 photos

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