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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

On Tuesday evening, I was fortunate to attend an advance screening of the new Sherlock Holmes movie: A Game of Shadows. It was a nice treat since I enjoyed the first one a lot and I haven’t seen many movies in theaters this year. I rarely write about any movies I see also, but I figure it’s more interesting than writing about my job search, playing online games, or unusually frequent visits to a certain arcade. I could write a review of the last BRMC show I saw, but it just seems a bit redundant sometimes.

Sherlock Holmes 2 is probably the only movie out in theaters that seems interesting right to me now and it was well done and enjoyable to watch. There are plenty of witty lines of dialogue and lots of good action scenes. I enjoyed seeing the camouflage costumes revealing Sherlock Holmes hiding from Dr. Watson. The main story is based on Sherlock trying to reveal Professor Moriarty’s evil scheme of inciting war to profit off supplying weapons and bandages for combat. Stephen Fry was a nice addition to the cast as Sherlock’s quirky older brother Mycroft, who plays a more significant role later on in the film.

The roles of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are reprised by Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, who provide a convincing dynamic duo of brilliant madness and the sensible sidekick. Professor Moriarty has his own evil sidekick, who provides the military expertise to do most of the dirty work that keeps most people from tracing various crimes back to him. There is an extended scene on a train, which reminds me of Harry Potter’s many train scenes – though there’s a lot more gunfire in this one.  There’s plenty of puzzles to solve in this film, which makes it interesting and entertaining throughout. Even the ending has a slight twist, which is almost to be expected but still welcome.

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