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Love is a many splendored thing…

I recently had the honor of being the videographer at a friend’s wedding last weekend in Costa Mesa. It was a beautiful and unique experience to see so much effort to make this wedding an honest expression of the love between two people. This wasn’t a multimillion dollar event for the media to witness, though I know it couldn’t have been that cheap either.

It was a lot of hard work for everyone involved and I felt that I got off easy mostly just recording video of it every so often. Another friend who was a bridesmaid did a lot of clean up work after the reception washing a huge amount of dishes and silverware, and she’d even been helping the bride the night before in preparing some of the food and party favors.

The wedding took place in a barn and ended in driving off in the groom’s old truck (not some fancy limo or luxury car) with the back full of the recently washed dishes and utensils and the arbor that the couple made together just for the ceremony and the entrance of their new home. If anything was a labor of love, I’d have to say this wedding really was. Attending the wedding was actually almost as enjoyable as editing the footage together to create the DVD’s for the couple and their families.

I took the easy route and used iMovie and iDVD to put it all together and I’m very proud (a little too proud) of how it all turned out. I know I was just pointing a camera and pasting some footage together, but it was definitely such an exciting thing to be part of and to know that real love is still out there. Honestly, the last thing I care about is celebrity weddings, especially when they are manufactured to sell products. Out of respect for my friend’s privacy, I’m not mentioning names – however, I still want to share the trailer I made for the wedding video because I had so much fun putting it together and I can’t help wanting to show it off.

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