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The Apple Connection

So most of my friends know I’ve been an ardent supporter of Apple and Macintosh computers for a long time, largely in part due to school and another part due to getting a good discount early on when my cousin Shirley worked at Apple when I was a teenager. My cousin Ricky also had an Apple II+ which me and my siblings always loved to use during our visits to his parent’s house.

My dad was kind enough to give me his new $2500 PowerMac 7100/66 Desktop computer complete with 15″ monitor (which are still sitting in my “office” at home in Buena Park). The value of it is more significant in terms of sentimental value than anything else, especially after I did a few hardware upgrades on it. In college, I had a green iMac (another desktop) that weighed a mere 40 lbs (thankfully, my brother was there to help me carry it through several moves).

At the end of college, I had a crazy idea of getting an iBook 14″ laptop (my first actual laptop) and using it to become a music journalist (I was lacking in other ideas at the time). My first job out of college was at a wholesale CD/DVD distributor in Anaheim, a company with ties to all aspects of the music and film industries and I ended up working in the accounting department.

At the time, it was helpful because I would end up making a lot from working and saving almost every penny of it by not doing anything but moping around at work and at home. At the time, I’d just returned from an exciting trip to London and Paris (a life-changing experience if there ever was such a thing) and the pressure of finding a real job was looming. I dreamt of writing a novel about my adventure, but it was nothing too interesting.

I’ve always played it safe, so any exploration I did was generally very guarded and either with friends or family close enough to watch over me. Making friends is not an easy thing for me either, since I was always careful about who I could trust. Continuing my Apple story, I did end up getting an iMac G5, a MacBook Pro (in several iterations), and now I’m left with a nearly new 2.26Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro – which when I first got it was dinged up and not fully functional. Several trips later to the Apple Store in Brea, and it was like a new computer!

Anyways, this whole story started out to be about Steve, but I’ve managed to make it all about me again. Poor Steve knows I try not to be so selfish, but sometimes sharing our stories can help people too. While loyalty is important, you have to inspire it in people and that is something that Steve Jobs did. He brought Apple into the Limelight more than once and he will always serve to represent Apple and all the good it stands for. And one more thing is that Steve Jobs actually made Breakout on Atari, how cool is that?

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