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Eternal Rival

Ever since my boyfriend got into playing fighting games and meeting people in the community, I’ve done my best to be a good girlfriend by helping him acquire the most awesome T-shirt designs out there. Eternal Rival is a personal favorite of ours because they’re local, they’re funny, and they’re original.

This awesome Droids shirt is currently on sale for only $12.99 and it’s great. I got one for Andrew for regular price (which wasn’t bad either), so it’s worth getting while you can. Internet memes come and go, but fighting games are forever.¬†Well, at least they’re longer lasting.

I remember going to Best Buy every day after school with my older brother to play Street Fighter 2 at the store. I wasn’t very good, but I mashed like no one’s business. For this reason, fighting games will always have a special place in my heart – just like Andrew has a special place there too.

Speaking of which, we’re celebrating our 2nd Anniversary sometime around the 19th. Technically, we have a lot of memorable dates: 9/9/09: we saw the Time Burton Movie 9 together, 9/18/09: first fancy dinner at Chili’s together, 9/21/09: first kiss (right after International Talk Like a Pirate Day) So it’s more like an anniversary week for us.

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