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Back in Black

Not sure if anyone noticed, but this site was down for a few days partly due to a recent server migration (Nexx became Netfirms) and partly due to CloudFlare (DNS protection and web analytics). When I realized what the issue was, this site was back to how it looked before the migration (which was easily fixed with a Blogger import plugin). I was getting tired of cross browser issues with my previous WordPress theme. I found this one the other night and started playing around with it this morning and voila – it’s better than ever. At least it works in different browsers and it seems to be HTML5 powered!

Perhaps this little debacle was a blessing in disguise… who knows, I just like how it looks and the rollover effects are pretty cool. I unfortunately lost at least one blog post about a deviantArt portfolio I recently started, but I can at least re-post a link to it and discuss how cool it looks. The peacock painting I did recently is my main image on that site as well as this post.  Another pretty cool site I found is – sort of like a Social Media site aggregator similar to Poken but without a physical way to exchange info. It’s a really easy way to set up a website with little to know info on how to create a website.

I can’t tell if things are better or worse than before… I may be working at a cool company, but I’m more uncertain of how long I’ll be there and also spending less time with my boyfriend because he’s working at a video game company. I feel very alone and isolated here even though I have friends nearby. It’s a strange feeling of uncertainty mixed with abandonment – which is silly to feel just because I see my boyfriend less, but it’s inevitable with how much time we used to spend together. And even though I’m working and making a little more, a lot of that is going to rent for a sublet so I’m feeling more strapped for cash than before too.

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