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Anime Expo 2011 Schedules

Anime Expo 2011 bannerThis year is the 20th Anniversary of Anime Expo, which is surprising for me since I’ve only been to two: last year and the second one in 1992… was that really 19 years ago? How time flies… I was barely a teen then (perhaps just a tween) and I just didn’t realize how much has changed since then. The internet was hardly even used back then (or just starting to be used) and Anime was a lot harder to get and watch – not to mention much more expensive.

Back then, I was strictly a Rumiko Takahashi fan (Urusei Yatsura and Rumik World, at the time), though I liked Kimagure Orange Road and Vampire Princess Miyu.  My Neighbor Totoro was another one that was very exciting around then. There is so much more available now, it’s darn near overwhelming.  I haven’t seen that much, but thanks to my otaku boyfriend (as well as my brother’s addiction to Netflix) – I’ve managed to see a lot more recently.

Anyways, I don’t remember any cosplay back in 92, but I really don’t remember too much about that Anime Expo other than it was in Anaheim and I lost a cute quilted white purse with $7 in it there. I do remember watching some Anime with my sister, who took me to the event.  I might have bought some items, but I don’t really remember what they were… it’s so weird to think how long ago it was.

Here’s a link to those schedules:

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