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Nana (Anime)

I started watching this anime a few years ago when I was visiting my brother in San Francisco (probably start of 2009). Still not finished the series yet even though I’ve owned a DVD copy of it for awhile now.  Much has changed in my life since then, I’ve had my own adventures traveling with friends to follow a band and I’ve gone back to school and seriously pursue a career. And I’ve been in my first (and most likely only) serious relationship for the past year and a half. It’s interesting to be watching this series with my significant other (who’s most likely watched a lot more anime than I have over the years despite the fact that I’m older and have most likely started watching it earlier).

We’re still early in the series and past the part I stopped watching (Episode 12), but it’s interesting since it merges rock music and anime – worlds that I never really felt mixed too well before. My boyfriend likes to marathon anime series if we have the full series, but we do need a few breaks since there are 47 episodes in the series and 3 OVAs, and so far we’ve just started Disc 2 (of 4). I considered doing some sort of manga series about music awhile back before I knew about Nana, I could probably do something based on my travels and experiences meeting BRMC fans from different places.

I’m not sure how interesting that might be, I never considered my storytelling to be very strong (which is why I had hoped I could work with friends on such a project). Even drawing a few panels would probably not be easy, I’m out of practice on my manga drawing and I’m focusing more of web stuff so there may never be a time for such a project to materialize. Maybe I’ll just try drawing certain people in a manga style… that would probably be a fun exercise to see if I coud do it and actually demonstrate certain people’s likenesses in a cartoony style.

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