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Retail Therapy

I’ve been doing better lately in my job search, people are actually scheduling interviews and interested in getting me work. Even so, I get a little down about things. The thing about buying stuff when you’re not happy is not a healthy thing, but it really does make you happy for a little bit. My boyfriend hardly ever wants to take me shopping, so I end up buying stuff online and the thing about that is – you have to buy at least $50 worth of stuff to get free shipping or you have to pay a lot to ship a few things…

Forever 21 Leatherette Biker Boots
Leatherette Biker Boots

I like maximizing my spending potential and usually always end up spending at least $50 worth of stuff: Old Navy (30% off sale on everything except dresses), Forever 21 (super cute biker boots on sale for $22.99), Sephora (new Tokidoki Beach Makeup bags and Devil Girl Makeup palette for $28.99)… Then there was some other places I just buy from because of my boyfriend: ThinkGeek, Valve Store (Portal shirts are 10-35% off), Best Buy (the new Tron 5 disc set on Blu Ray was on sale for $50, now back up to $70).

Tokidoki Relief Run Shirts
Tokidoki Relief Run Shirts

I ordered some of the Relief Run shirts by Tokidoki for me and my boyfriend also, but aat $25 a shirt – it’s a little cheaper than most of their shirts and it benefits Red Cross’s relief efforts in Japan. The Giant Peach was having a 20% off sale on already reduced prices, so I got a couple Tokidoki x Marvel shirts for me and my boyfriend. The retail therapy only works if you are expecting more money – and I do have another check coming in soon for the other 2 weeks I worked.

I do need to be more careful about my bills and spending, even if I have a few interviews lined up. I have plenty of stuff I can list on my ebay store, I just need to get around to doing it. The Post Office now has padded flat rate envelopes, which I think is the best thing they’ve come up with yet. I have so many heavy Body Shop and Bath & Body Works items that fit perfectly in those envelopes, so I’ll probably sell more of that stuff soon.

One more thing, I somehow have 26 subscribers to this blog. No one I really know, which I find a bit interesting. I’m not really writing for my friends to find out about my life – though I wouldn’t mind if they did read this blog. I’m not sure who reads this blog or why they read it, but it’s nice to know there are people out there who are interested in my life even if they don’t know me. I have email and Facebook for friends, Twitter for interests, LinkedIn for business, and this blog for random internet folk.

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