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Bloom Circle

I placed an order for some skin care products through this new website called BloomCircle since they give you $40 after your first purchase of $40 or more. My skins been breaking out a bit more than usual, I think it may have been stress related as it started during my frantic job search. I’m slightly stressed by taking Metrolink every day, but it’s more when I go home because I tend to get on the wrong train more than I’d like. Fortunately, I’ve started being able to correct the mistake faster than before – meaning I do end up on the right train as soon as I realize I’m on the wrong one.

Today’s been pretty relaxed here, I did an online training that I was probably supposed to do as soon as I got here. Other than that, I did a simple file conversion. I changed my Blippy username, since I figured out that I could so update your links if you happen to have them. I am wondering about this contract thing, it seems more likely to lead to more work here – so I’m not sure if I should be responding to recruiters… I usually do so out of politeness, but there are some that I actually might want to apply to. I wouldn’t want to leave this position early which is why I’m hesitant about responding to certain emails.

The weekend is almost here and it feels like summer already is… I’ve put away some warmer clothes and now I’m thinking about losing weight. Not necessarily for bathing suits, more because I don’t want to sell clothes because they don’t fit me. I don’t want to buy larger clothes if I don’t have to and I also don’t want to get rid of cute clothes that would fit me if I were thinner. I do enjoy eating and dressing up, but there’s danger in liking either one too much. I have lots of clothes I don’t wear, but I’d rather sell them because of that rather than because it doesn’t fit me.

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