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Wasabi Jewelry, Painting, Web Design + M83 Review!

I went shopping this morning at the annual Wasabi Jewelry sale in Pasadena. It was at a really nice house up on a windy mountain road. The house was really modern and well decorated and the jewelry was nice and half price or 75% off! My friend ended up spending a lot (a little more than she had because of tax) and I spent a lot more than I usually would because it added up really quickly. I got a lot of good deals on 6 bracelets and 7 necklaces, one of which was normally $69 but was 75% off, so only $17.50! That was my most expensive purchase, the bracelets were a lot cheaper, like as low as 3 for $10. I’m not sure if I’m going to give the jewelry as gifts, but I might since it would be excessive for me to keep it all for myself.

When me and my friend Joyce got back to her house, she gave me some acrylic paints and books about painting since she has too many. Awhile ago, I bought a 12 pack of 14×14 canvases for only $30 at Art Supply Warehouse and some cheap paintbrushes at a Soyodo Book Store in Hacienda Heights/City of Industry. Anyways, now I have everything I need to start painting! I still have to worry about finals and finishing projects for my web design classes, so I’ll have to wait until that’s all over. Still, now I have something to try during my break, in addition to picking up my knitting and possibly practicing guitar. Tomorrow morning, I have to decide what classes (if any) to take next semester.

Yesterday, I met with some people about working on a website for a Christian clothing store. So far, they just want me to make a drop down menu on a template for the site, but I think they may later on want a complete site re-design. I was thinking of taking some graphic design classes next semester since a lot of web design seems to require graphic design. The only thing is that I’d have to probably take day time classes and they’d be for the full semester. The nice thing would be that they’d be on Macs. I was also considering taking classes on Computer Games, but considering all the trouble I’ve had with Flash this semester, I may stick with Graphic Design.

Anyways, that’s been my weekend so far. Also, I picked up some Brie Cheese and Water Crackers from Trader Joe’s in Brea. I had the hardest time getting into the parking lot and then driving into a spot. I know I must have annoyed some people by blocking their cars for awhile. The nice thing was that I got out of the parking lot much easier. I only went to that store because I was in the area after my meeting and I’ve discovered how cheap brie is at Trader Joe’s. There is a closer one to my house, but it’s in Whittier (a more unfamiliar area to me). Well, I guess I’ve gone on long enough, I guess I should work on stuff now!

UPDATE: I forgot to include my review of the M83 and School of Seven Bells show at the Henry Fonda. The pictures are very nice and professional because the editor (who I met at the show) is a real photographer who’s been doing it for like 17 years!

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