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Listen to BRMC’s new album Baby 81 now!

I’m beating everyone over the head with all my BRMC info, but I know you love it. First, an interview from Artist Direct:

Back to Being Loud: An Interview with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Wed, 18 Apr 2007 12:04:51
Guitarist/singer Peter Hayes talks about keeping your swagger and not selling out
– Adam McKibbin

Here’s a link to a track by track description of Baby 81 by Peter Hayes:

It’s also up on BRMC’s MySpace profile, so you can listen to it and add a new song to your profile!

Also, Newbury Comics is giving away a free autographed booklet with purchase of Baby 81. I already pre-ordered the limited edition from them and the Japanese edition from CD Japan. I also paid the extra $10 to Ducat King for the autographed booklet at the House of Blues San Diego. I wonder if pre-ordering a regular edition would be overkill. I ended up getting 3 versions of Howl, so why not 3 versions of Baby 81?

And lastly, for anyone interested in some good Swedish bands, check out for a bunch of cool bands like The Legends, Club 8, Acid House Kings, and the Radio Dept.!

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