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I’m So Sick of Models by the United States of Erica

This is a great video/song by the talented Erica Wexler, whose MySpace site The United States of Erica was a pleasant discovery through XTC fans on MySpace. Various websites weave the story of Andy Partridge’s relationship with Erica – which is as his longtime girlfriend or wife. Some great XTC songs have been written about Erica, including “Another Satellite” during the Skylarking album… at the time, her relationship with Andy threatened his marriage to Marianne who he has 2 kids with and a bitter divorce after she left him for another man. “Your Dictionary” from the Apple Venus Vol. 1 album is about that divorce, and it’s an angry song. “Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her, Kiss Her” from The Big Express album was a song written about imaginary encounter with Erica and the song also inspired a Japanese band, which I’ve heard is pretty good. Sorry to go on and on about “celebrity gossip,” but I find it very interesting. Erica seems like a real sweet heart from her messages, so I’m glad they ended up together. Andy produced the songs on Erica’s MySpace site, which explains why they stick in your head like glue! The lyrics are witty and biting, which shows Erica has a way with words. Check out the video and the songs and let me know what you think!

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