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My creation: a BRMC photo mosaic

1. BRMC in Magnet Magazine Nov/Dec 2003, 2. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Ain’t No Easy Way” single, 3. BRMC from NME July 12, 2003, 4. BRMC from LA City Beat, 5. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from Rock Sound, 6. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club back with Jago, 7. Nick Jago of BRMC w/glasses?, 8. Peter Hayes of BRMC, 9. Nick Jago of BRMC and his drawing, 10. BRMC from Littky Music Two, 11. a cute anime style BRMC drawing, 12. Nick and Peter of BRMC at some MTV event, 13. BRMC grumpy at the Q interview, 14. BRMC merch!, 15. brmc from Magnet Magazine, 16. Robert and Peter of BRMC!, 17. Robert of BRMC at a bbq, 18. Guilty pleasures, 19. Peter Hayes & Robert Been of BRMC w/Roger Daltry of the Who and Harvey Goldsmith, 20. BRMC in NME, New York, May 2002, 21. Peter Hayes (BRMC) and Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre), 22. Nick Jago (BRMC) and Michael Been (The Call), 23. brmc copy, 24. Nick Jago of BRMC @ NME awards, 25. BRMC’s 5 NME covers from 2002-2003, 26. BRMC in Magnet Magazine #61 Nov/Dec 2003, 27. BRMC from Magnet Magazine #69 Oct/Nov 2005, 28. BRMC at HMV Toronto 9.24.05, 29. Robert from BRMC, Repeat Fanzine, 9.2.04, 30. BRMC from No Depression #60, 31. BRMC’s ultra rare Screaming Gun ep, 32. BRMC as 3 Kings from NME, 33. BRMC The Comeback Interview from NME, 34. BRMC’s Fall North American Tour flyer, 35. Whatever Happened to my rock n’ roll, BITCH?, 36. Coffret 2CD Original of B.R.M.C. and Take Them On, On Your Own

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