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Which Creation Records Band Are You?

First, here’s a link to the most beautiful XTC site I’ve ever seen: Optimism’s Flames. I took this Creation Records Band quiz twice and got Slowdive the first time, the results could go either way for me. I thought this quiz was cool enough to post the other possible results.

The Jesus And Mary Chain
You Are… The Jesus And Mary Chain.

You are moody and unpredictable. You are the underdog who refuses to sink to the bottom. You have more talent than you ever really let anyone know. It almost seems as if you try and sabotage whatever good things may be going on in your life, and you often feel like you may be giving people a bit too much of yourself. Being in the spotlight is something you find to be rather uncomfortable though you secretly yearn to be loved by everyone. You lean toward things of a darker nature and are prone to self destructive tendencies. You struggle with happiness for the simple fact that you seem to be in love with your misery. You are a realist.

what Creation Records band are you? (complete with text and images)
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You Are… Slowdive.

You are very comfortable with the person that you are. You are pretty traditional in a classical sort of way. You relate most to things of a darker, more mysterious nature. You tend to be quiet and shy but you still manage to make friends pretty easilly. Though your ambition is bigger than your talents, your perseverance will always lead you to bigger and greater things.

what Creation Records band are you? (complete with text and images)
brought to you by Quizilla

Other possible results for “what Creation Records band are you? (complete with text and images)


You Are… Ride.

You are young at heart and full of energy. You are talented but very modest. You are happy go lucky and care free. You have learned to take the good with the bad and you just accept life for being what it is. People tend to be envious of you, That’s only because they don’t understand you and they just want some of what you have. There’s no task too hard for you and you excel at pretty much everything you try to do. You have a playful personallity and a beautiful inner soul.


You Are…My Bloody Valentine.

You tend to be a bit distant and reclusive. You are a leader as opposed to being a follower. You are a perfectionist and pay very close attention to detail. You have the tendency to be lazy, which sometimes get’s in the way of you achieving whatever it is you may be trying to perfect. You don’t really care about what’s typically looked upon as the norm. You really don’t care about what people think about you at all, or at least so you try and make it seem. You care most about just being yourself.

You Are… Primal Scream.

You are flashy and can be quite egotistical at times. You tend to care more about how cool you look doing doing something, rather than how good you are at doing that thing. You are talented, though some may feel you are not as talented as you may think you are. You can be quite materialistic and you love to be the center of attention, Which often times makes you the life of the party. Your personallity sometimes comes of as being shallow and unpleasant but deep down inside you have a good heart and are a very loyal friend. You are destined to lead a succesful life.

You Are… Oasis.

What you lack in originality you make up for in sheer determination. You have found a nice balance between party time and work time. You have the ability to convince the world of anything you want them to believe and you shamelessly do so. You are a purist who has the tendency to live in the past, which is your biggest downfall. If you could only learn to get with the times there’s no telling how big you could be. You are destined to go down in history.

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