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U.K.Heights – Ambients (net)

In a time where rock music is all the rage, the UK Heights succeeds in blending synthesized and natural sounds into a seamlessly smooth album of dreamy atmospherics. “Ambients” recalls the dark hypnotic beauty of the music of Projekt label favorites Love Spirals Downwards in their more electronic album “Flux” full of the same moody textures that reflect a mind state of perpetual. relaxation. The 5 tracks on this album range from 6 minutes to almost 19 minutes long, and each seems to reflect a slightly different mood or dream.

From the hauntingly dark “Love and intent” to the more uplifting “Rushes (will’s way),” this album ebbs and flows so smoothly that it seems effortless despite the 2 years this band spent recording it. The liner notes reflect the spiritual nature of the music, with photographs of coastlines, birds, mountains, trees, and fire. As in tune with nature as with their synthesizers, the UK Heights have produced some relaxingly beautiful mood music – a welcome break from the overpowering beats of today’s rock and techno acts.

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