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Shoegazers unplugged at M Theory

>I really enjoyed the 2 hour drive to San Diego tonight, I really can’t say the same for my brother since he was the one driving and very annoyed by the traffic. On the way down, I started playing Swervedriver’s album Mezcal Head from 1993. It’s good driving music, though there are a few very long songs… “Never Lose that Feeling/Never Learn” is over 11 minutes. Since the drive was so long (and traffic so bad), I next put on Catherine Wheel’s Ferment which features classic tracks like “I Want to Touch You” and “Black Metallic.” We were just getting off the freeway when I put on Ride’s Going Blank Again which is probably my favorite album of their’s because of “Twisterella” and “Leave Them All Behind.”

When we got to the store, there was a lot of people crowded outside the store (and the store itself was packed). Adam Franklin (Swervedriver/Toshack Highway) was already playing. There were so many people inside that the only picture we got of him was just the top of his head among the backs of a lot of other people’s heads. I’ve heard plenty of live Swervedriver and a little of Adam’s solo acoustic stuff to kind of know what to expect. It’s just not the same without all the noise and feedback.

Next, Rob Dickinson (Catherine Wheel) was on. He had a backing band that included a double bass and a few other people whose instruments I couldn’t see. Probably more guitars. The pictures we got of him are pretty much just the top of his head and his eyes. Still too many people. Before Mark Gardener (Ride, also opening for BRMC on their upcoming US Tour) came on, I went across the street to buy some pizza and sodas. When I got back to the store, there were many plates of sandwiches spread out on the table in front. And they were really tasty sandwiches! There was also some delicious potato egg salad and a foamy minty milkshake-like drink. During Mark Gardener’s set, we could actually see his face! I think my brother got one picture before my camera’s batteries died.

After the show, I picked up some free buttons from inside the store. There were actually lots of cool ones: Kasabian, Oasis, Spoon, Shout Out Louds, Orange Juice, The Sights, Hard-Fi, Augustana and Autolux. We also got a couple of souvenir laminates for the show, probably made by the store for that event. Driving back was a little confusing, but once we got on the freeway –  it was a breeze. I played Swervedriver’s 99th Dream album from 1998, which is still my favorite. When we got back to Orange County, I put on Catherine Wheel’s Like Cats & Dogs which is a masterpiece of b-sides. I was thinking about how BRMC should put out a b-side album specifically for their American fans because it’s so hard and expensive to get UK singles here, even with ebay.

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