My recent and current studies at Cypress College are online courses in Web Programming languages: ASP.NET, PHP, and Perl.

These are links to HTML, Flash, Video, and JavaScript projects I made while at Fullerton College.

Fall 2009

ACG 180 – Digital Video (Final Cut Studio)
ACG 102 – Intro Web Graphics – Travel WebsiteProduct Website

Spring 2009
CIS 154 – Javascript Programming I
CISG 175 – Game Programming in Flash
More games: Mad Libs Word GameCat and Bird gamePong Game

Fall 2008

CIS 157 – DreamWeaver I (CS3)
CIS 157B – DreamWeaver II
ACG 100 – Intro to Mac Computer Graphics
CIS 252 – Web Page Design III (Advanced HTML)
CIS 155 – Web Page Multimedia Design I (Flash)
CIS 255 – Web Page Multimedia Design II

Summer 2008

CIS 050 – Web Page Design I (Expression Web)
CIS 152 – Web Page Design II (HTML)