Recently updated my skills in JavaScript, Bootstrap, Sass, etc. with Skillcrush’s WordPress Development Blueprint, General Assembly’s JavaScript CircuitFreeCodeCamp,  CodeAcademy, and whatever resources I can find. In the past, I’ve also taken PHP and courses at Cypress College, and web design/development courses through Fullerton College (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, etc.).

WordPress Projects

Project on the full admin back-end of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) using PHP, themes, posts, pages, and loops.

Marketing site using Child Themes, Advanced Theme Customizations (Custom Queries/Post Types, ACF), GitHub Deployment & Workflow







JavaScript Circuit Project

Restaurant reservation website using JavaScript templating (Handlebars) and Firebase

FreeCodeCamp Basic Front End Development

See the Pen Siouxsie Sioux Tribute page by Liane Chan (@porcupiny) on CodePen.

See the Pen Personal Portfolio by Liane Chan (@porcupiny) on CodePen.

Below are my Intermediate Front End Development projects for FreeCodeCamp:

See the Pen Random Quotes on Design by Liane Chan (@porcupiny) on CodePen.

See the Pen Free Code Camp Local Weather app by Liane Chan (@porcupiny) on CodePen.

One of my longest running personal projects is being the webmaster of BRMC Down Here, a fan site started in 2002 for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The current version was built in WordPress with the Teal Pro Magazine theme in around 2013. I provide all content updates and back end maintenance, including updating and installing plugins, fixing incompatibilities, updating SSL certificates, and customizing CSS.



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