In my time at LACMTA, I helped develop the prototype for the updated Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) interface in 2013 and update the static page of the Metro ExpressLanes website. I worked on many internal and external facing websites, mainly ( a custom Python Django site) and the internal intranet (Sharepoint 365).

Also, we updated the content in the Info Towers at Union Station with videos and images. I also assisted in edits on WordPress sites, including The Plan, The Gold and Expo Line extension sites.

Recently updated my skills in JavaScript, Bootstrap, Sass, etc. with Skillcrush’s WordPress Development Blueprint, General Assembly’s JavaScript CircuitFreeCodeCamp,  CodeAcademy, and whatever resources I can find. In the past, I’ve also taken PHP and courses at Cypress College, and web design/development courses through Fullerton College (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, etc.).

FreeCodeCamp Basic Front End Development

See the Pen Siouxsie Sioux Tribute page by Liane Chan (@porcupiny) on CodePen.

See the Pen Personal Portfolio by Liane Chan (@porcupiny) on CodePen.

Below are my Intermediate Front End Development projects for FreeCodeCamp:

See the Pen Random Quotes on Design by Liane Chan (@porcupiny) on CodePen.

See the Pen Free Code Camp Local Weather app by Liane Chan (@porcupiny) on CodePen.

JavaScript Circuit Project

Restaurant reservation website using JavaScript templating (Handlebars) and Firebase

Restaurant reservation website using JavaScript templating (Handlebars) and Firebase

WordPress Projects

Project on the full admin back-end of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) using PHP, themes, posts, pages, and loops.

Marketing site using Child Themes, Advanced Theme Customizations (Custom Queries/Post Types, ACF), GitHub Deployment & Workflow







Other WordPress projects

One of my longest running personal projects is being the webmaster of BRMC Down Here, a fan site started in 2002 for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The current version was built in WordPress with the Teal Pro Magazine theme in around 2013. I provide all content updates and back end maintenance, including updating and installing plugins, fixing incompatibilities, updating SSL certificates, and customizing CSS.



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