Hi, I’m Liane Chan and thanks for visiting my portfolio!

I’ve been involved in websites since 2002 and working professionally in web design and development since 2009. I originally studied Psychology at UCLA and earned a Bachelor of Arts, then later updated my skills and earned certificates in web design and game design from Fullerton College in December 2009. Since then, I’ve also taken courses in PHP and ASP.NET through Cypress College.

My technical skills include HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP/MySQL, and WordPress development. I’m currently learning Bootstrap and Sass. I run several WordPress sites, in addition to this one which have moved from multiple platforms  before reaching WordPress. I’m continually updating my development skills with FreeCodeCamp and other resources. I recently began volunteering with Girl Develop It Orange County helping with social media, including their Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

My professional website experience includes my current position with Metro Los Angeles (LACMTA) as an assistant webmaster, including work on Metro’s ExpressLanes site, WordPress development for Cal Coast Web Design, Hulu (PR and Internal Communications projects), SoCal Gas Company (content migration on re-designed website), and Supermedia (web design and development). My website experience started when I joined Flashecom as a content writer and webmaster while also working with some of their clients on design consultations and project management.

I am currently available for new projects and I am open to part time and contract work. Feel free to email me at liane.chan [at] gmail.com.


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