Hi, I’m Liane!

Liane at the Broad Museum exhibit
Liane at the Broad Museum exhibit

My screen name porcupiny is based on the Echo & the Bunnymen album Porcupine. I’ve been webmaster since 2002 for my personal interests, which I turned into a profession in 2009.

I love shopping and reviewing effective and useful products. This blog is about music (when I hear or see something I really like), art, fashion, manga/anime, travel, and whatever I’m interested in. I also throw in the occasional movie review if I see one worth mentioning.

I might talk about work and technology, in general. For current and past work info, please visit my portfolio. I’ve written live music reviews for various websites (The Scenestar, In Music We Trust). Also, I’m a former AXS contributor and write some reviews for Backseat Mafia. I previously wrote about fashion and style for Examiner.com.

I’m a WordPress user and volunteered at 2018 WordCamp LA and attended 2018 OC WordCamp.  I also play Pokemon GO, Marvel Puzzel Quest, and various passive games. I’m an avid home chef, though relied a lot on HelloFresh and EveryPlate to learn new recipes.

For other webmasters/WordPress users: my current theme is Point by MyThemeShop (a theme I liked so much, I’ve used it for years and keep going back to it), the background image is from a Tokidoki Mimobot USB drive.

Email me at liane.chan@gmail.com or fill out my online Contact form.