I’ve also written a number of live music reviews for various websites (The Scenestar, In Music We Trust). In addition to blogging in a few different places, I am a current AXS contributor and also write some reviews for Backseat Mafia. I previously wrote about fashion and style for Examiner.com. My internet obsession began in the early 90’s when I used it to look up information on my favorite bands (and download shareware games).

I also love online shopping and reviewing products that are effective and useful. This blog is mostly about music (when I hear or see something I really like), but also art, fashion, manga/anime, travel, and whatever else I’m interested in at the moment. I also throw in the occasional movie review when I see one worth mentioning. And occasionally, I might talk about work and technology, in general.

If you were wondering, my current WordPress theme is Hestia by ThemeIsle (a theme I liked so much, I used it on both my blog and portfolio), the background image is from a Tokidoki Mimobot USB drive. Feel free to email me at liane@lianechan.com or fill out my online Contact form. Also, if you were wondering where my ubiquitous screen name porcupiny is from, it’s loosely based on the Echo & the Bunnymen album Porcupine.

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