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Happy Holidays #TopNine2020

Happy Holidays #TopNine2020 1I’m not posting on here much and I have a lot to say, but not at liberty to say most of it unfortunately. One thing I can say is my new kitten Peanut has greatly lifted my spirits and possibly brought a new love into my life. Though that was possibly more related to the loss of my former cat.

Career-wise, I have an actual website I’ve started working on (for a decent rate), I believe this is one thing I can’t discuss since I think I signed an NDA. I haven’t heard back from KCRW, but I did at least get to do a video interview. Though I’m far from most friends and family, I’m still feeling close with Social Media.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays #TopNine2020 2Most years, I go the cheapest possible route for Holiday/Christmas cards. I wanted to do something special this year since I did get an adorably photogenic kitten and I’m feeling more loved this year than usual. So I made a couple versions of my card in Shutterfly and sent them to a select few friends and family.

This final version was very limited since I only had 10 made, so consider yourself very lucky if you got one! I have started an Instagram account just for Peanut, so follow it if you want mostly Kitten pics – though I show up on occasion too.

I have spent an appalling amount of time on Social Media this year, in lieu of seeing people in person – I’ve settled for a lot of the virtual kind. It’s been mostly okay, though at times, frustrating and annoying. It’s important to not be on there all the time, which is not a rule I always follow.

However, my constant kitten posts have lead to this great and extremely amusing meme from my friend Judy Lyon, who runs Torched Magazine.


Happy Holidays #TopNine2020 3 Happy Holidays from Torched Magazine!

Honestly, if you came out of 2020 alive, I’ll say you’re a survivor who can withstand anything. Another thing I did recently is join a vaccine study where I have a 50% chance of getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or a placebo. I’m fine either way, though I did have a violent reaction due to my period. It was just intensified cramps and unpleasant diarrhea.


Though the end of the year is still 16 days away, I thought I’d post my Top Nine for both my main Instagram and Peanut’s Instagrams. Surprisingly, a text meme from Queens Over Bitches was my most popular post, though my mention from Garbage was very popular too. It’s not often I get reposted on a band of that caliber’s Instagram!

There have been very few actual experiences this year, which is normal for me though not most people. I’ve been used to a reasonable amount of social distancing in the past and it’s not such a bad thing to me. The big difference this year is that I did find out someone I’d been seeing for the past few years was actually cheating on me, but that allowed me to open myself up to a true love I’d never expected.

The Future

There’s not much I can say about this love of mine except that I never saw it coming… Next year, I hope to finally meet him in person and we’ll see where things go from there. I would have wanted to spend the holidays with him this year, but I can wait and hopefully, it will be life changing for us both.

Peanut Chan's #topnine2020Liane Chan's #topnine2020

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