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Supporting creative projects: Jennie Vee Los Angeles, Baphomet & Co.

Supporting creative projects: Jennie Vee Los Angeles, Baphomet & Co. 1Over the years, I’ve met and supported many creatives – mostly in the music world, though occasionally in art, animation, and video games. One person I’ve felt a strong musical connection to is Jennie Vee, who is a multi-talented singer, bassist, and fashionista. In addition to releasing some great solo work, she’s played with Courtney Love and currently Eagles of Death Metal. I’ve seen her at some Bunnymen gigs, though I’m sure she’s at more of them than I am these days!

I’ve also watched Jennie Vee become a successful seller on Poshmark, which is a platform that I have spent more on than sold. Most recently, she’s launching her own fashion line – which is something I’d expect from someone with so much style:

Jennie Vee Los Angeles

A 10 piece capsule collection based on my tour wardrobe. Essential, timeless rock & roll inspired items, designed by me.

There’s 17 days left with quite a bit more to go, I’d like to see the project fully funded as Kickstarters are only complete when goals are met.

Etsy sellers: Baphomet & Co.

Aside from musicians turned fashion designers, I also like etsy for buying unique and artisanal items. Most recently, I’ve bought soaps from Baphomet & Co. since I liked the imagery and product descriptions. I’ve also want to reduce using plastic bottled products. Originally, I followed Baphomet & Co. on Twitter and then Instagram.

Since I’m indecisive and like trying different things, I purchased a dybbuk box: mystery box / soap bath gift set / artisanal soap / natural / vegan / horror. There are 20 moods to choose from and I chose luxurious, since spending $40 on soap, bath bombs, and incense is quite luxurious for me.

Here’s a description of what’s included from the listing:

each dybbuk box will contain a *minimum* value $40/60 {depending on the size box you select} of full-size baphomet and co products, wrapped and sealed with our premium gift packaging. each box is unique and curated based upon your selections at checkout. your box may contain;
~ full-size bars of baphomet and co.’s coveted horror + macabre soaps
~ full-size bath bombs from baphomet & co’s new bath bomb line
~ full-size bath teas, salts and soaks
~ ritual incense
~ un-released, upcoming and exclusive items from baphomet and co.
~ FREE Domestic Shipping Included!

etsy stuff: baphomet & Co, Curio & Wilde
etsy stuff: baphomet & Co soaps, bath bombs, and incense, Curio & Wilde candles, BRMC sugar skull candle

My dybbuk box included: 

  • Baphomet Soap Bar: Sacramental blend
  • Edith Soap Bar: crimson peak blend
  • Lorraine Soap Bar: the conjuring blend
  • bang bang bomb: stripe bath bomb
  • Edith bath bomb
  • baphomet ritual incense
  • ginger & bridgette ritual incense

Each soap sells individually for $9, bath bombs for $6, and incense for $5.49 – which makes this box kind of a deal. Also, soap lasts a long time, so it’s worth it for that also. So far, I’ve been using the Edith Soap Bar – it smells very nice though doesn’t lather much, which isn’t a bad thing since usually lathering ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS) are possibly too harsh according to Lush USA.

Also included in the photo are soy candles from Curio & Wilde and BRMC’s Sugar Skull Candle.

On a side note, though I follow both Jennie Vee and Baphomet & Co. on various social media platforms – this is not a sponsored post: neither of them asked or paid me to write this. I just like sharing about worthwhile projects and products!  

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