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I know a lot of people with odd foot issues for some reason, possibly due to being dancers in a former life – though that does tend to lead to messed up feet. Here’s a handy product that I was asked to review, though I personally don’t have this issue! So this is more of a plug than a review:

ZenNaturally Toe Separator

Do your bunions cause immense toe and foot pain?

Do you have hammer toe, hallux valgus or ingrown toenails that make it hard to wear shoes or even walk?

If this sounds like you, then these bunion correctors will help you get toe and foot relief all day as you wear them with or without your shoes on to keep your toes straight and stop rubbing or overlapping of toes which causes damage to them in the long run.

Doctors often recommend bunion relief devices such as these toe separators as part of a non-surgical, corrective toe therapy plan, and the Zen Naturally Bunion Corrector is the simplest solution to relieving your toe and foot pain.

Sore feet can make you cranky, and there is no reason not to try to give your toes the relief they need.

It’s embarrassing to have to sit out of your favorite activities, and even more embarrassing when people see your toes.

Here’s just a few things this orthopedic bunion corrector will do:

  • –Alleviates pain from bunions and hammer toe
  • –Straightens toes
  • –Keeps your toes from cramping
  • –Keeps your toes from overlapping
  • –Makes standing and walking more comfortable
  • –Keeps your toes from rubbing or chafing
  • –Gives you confidence

This toe separating device will make a world of difference to you and your feet. It is latex free, washable and reusable. Made from medical grade silicone gel, it will fit your feet perfectly and comfortably.

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