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February update

Peter Hayes (BRMC) in Bristol, 8-27-13?

Happy Chinese New Year, for real! January was full of death and disappointment, but February seems to be looking up (at least, for me). Today is also the birthday of a man I not so secretly admire: Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club! Though I missed some BRMC shows last year, I was still lucky enough to see him play a few shows – a real highlight in a somewhat depressing year.

Looks like the next BRMC show will be in Buenos Aires, which is probably long overdue for a visit. South American fans are already asking for more, which would make sense in terms of traveling. I’m not sure who sent me this photo of Peter, but it’s very nice and from a Nikon D7000. It was possibly taken on August 27, 2013 – which was a show in Bristol, England. Whoever sent me this stunningly beautiful photo, I sincerely thank you for sharing it with me. And I hope Peter had a great birthday!

I’ve continued examinining fashion and submitted an article on Italian textiles trade show Milano Unica to Scripted. I’m not sure will be published – but I found it interesting to research. My first attempt writing on an unknown subject that related to my love of yarn and textiles in general. One of the textile mills I wrote about, Tollegno 1900, makes a yarn called Lana Gatto (which means cat!). Also exciting is my return to working for LA Metro’s website, which hasn’t changed a whole lot. There are many changes in departments I’ve worked with. My email inbox was very full, there were many retirements and passings in the company as a whole. I guess that’s normal in a large company.

I’m also still selling stuff in all the usual places, my mom even gave me a couple of her old designer bags (Coach and Dooney & Bourke) to sell. It’s easier for me than parting with my beloved Tokidoki bags, which though I love too much to sell. Plus, they don’t seem to go for as much as they used to. I’ve reduced my boot and coat collection quite a bit recently. It’s a start to having a more manageable closet. I think getting my clothes down to one closet would be impossible unless it was a huge walk in one like my mom’s. Though it was very nice donating a ton of clothes to a friend’s work clothing drive last year. It’s hard enough for me to donate clothes, let alone sell them!


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