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December already? Too much shooting

This year dragged and flew by somehow. For me, not much happens or changes even though so much goes on around in the world. In an instant, hundreds died in Paris on November 13th. Most at a concert for a band that many of my friends know and love: Eagles of Death Metal.  This was unfortunately not an isolated incident, but it was the most costly in terms of human lives. And while I am far away from Paris, I have met a number of people from there – many BRMC fans and music lovers in general.   The sad truth is that every day, people are needlessly killed by guns – accidentally and on purpose. Yes, it’s people who fire guns, but how could they kill without guns?

I’m linking to the Eagles of Death Metal’s discussion on the Paris attack. Just seen on VICE: another mass shooting in San Bernardino, CA at a social services facility that killed 14 and injured 17 by 3 gunmen (1 dead, 1 captured, and 1 possibly on the loose).Right after the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs on November 27th, where 3 died and 9 injured (5 officers and 4 civilians). It’s like we can’t go a day without some crazy mass killing going on. Of course, we can’t blame the guns even though that’s what was used.  I’m not exactly anti-gun, but this is really the main thing that seems to link these events.

Yes, the Paris attacks were by terrorists who also used suicide bombing to kill. That doesn’t dismiss the fact that most of the slaughter was done with guns. According to that VICE article about today’s San Bernardino shooting:

As of Monday, there had been 351 mass shootings in America so far in 2015, as the Washington Post reported, making for a rate of over one per day. It’s a situation that “has no parallel anywhere else in the world,” Obama said.

Shootings only take place with guns (and more often in America). I hate to make a blanket statement about how guns are bad, but these type of events don’t happen without them.  Though I don’t usually discuss this type of thing, it’s important and requires some discussion and lots of action.  I saw an article that said the Planned Parenthood shooter posted on a website before it happened. But 0ccasionally, a shooter warns people online before it happens. It’s hard to monitor the whole internet. No one wants to think they’re being watched and possibly recorded, but it could actually prevent this type of thing.

I don’t doubt or disagree with police monitoring online forums or social media for possible preplanned attacks. It is necessary to prevent casualties. There is probably some unnecessary monitoring. I’m sure this could be determined after we figure out a good way to try to find out about these shootings before they might happen.  If anyone really could predict the future, this is exactly what they should be using their power for.  At the government level, there could be more laws or something to prevent this from happening so often. Gunmen don’t usually obey laws, so who really knows how to stop this type of stuff from happening?

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