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HelloFresh House party + Examiner articles

I’ve spent most of my week cleaning and organizing the living room and kitchen since I’m hosting a HelloFresh HouseParty this weekend! I’m already a subscriber of HelloFresh, which provides healthy recipes and fresh ingredients. I’ve limited my subscription to once a month (since it isn’t cheap). It’ll be exciting to share about the service with my friends. I’ve posted many photos of delicious meals I’ve prepared on Instagram and Twitter. I’m already hooked and probably the ideal candidate for sharing about this service. My referral code is 2FSYJ7, which gets whoever uses it $40 off their first box.

My last few Examiner.com stories have been very mall related. It makes sense given the shopping mall culture of Southern California:

I haven’t attended a tree lighting before, and I’m kind of excited about it. It’s happening November 7th and 8th, and I’m planning to go on the 8th. I hope it’s lots of fun!
I still haven’t visited the newly remodeled Del Amo Fashion Center, but I definitely want to based on the photos and new stores they’ve recently opened. It looks pretty cool, so it’s more to check out the new decor than actually shop. I’m more of an online shopper anyways, it’s actually very rare for me to shop in a store these days.
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