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Portfolio site is back!

Portfolio site is back! 1So after an extended period of being offline (a few months), my design portfolio is back! I’m still not completely happy with it because I haven’t edited the styles yet, so it’s a lot more plain than what I usually like.  The rollover effect on the circles is pretty cool though. Here’s the link to my portfolio, if you want to try it out for yourself.

There really isn’t anything new added to it (aside for some photos).  The theme is called Customizr by nikeo, which is a pretty full featured responsive WordPress theme. Figuring the domain stuff for this site kind of kept me up late, which is the only reason I’m up right now blogging about it.

I was thinking of adding a page for video, but I’m not sure any of my personal projects are worth showing off. The lack of new design work just shows I either haven’t focused on it or I haven’t felt any recent work was that interesting. Getting this site back online was more me trying to figure out how to have all my sites hosted in one web host (though a couple of my domains are registered through another provider).

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