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August: the month of babies and birthdays

This month, many people I know are either having a baby or birthday (because 9 months ago is the December winter break time – perfect time to make a baby). My manager just had her baby and another close friend is due in a couple weeks. So many people I know have been having babies, it’s not even funny. I have attended a couple baby showers this year since my friends going through big changes is always important to me.

A lot of people I know have also been getting engaged or married, though I can’t expect to attend those events when I hardly keep in touch with most of these people except on Facebook. Anyways, life hasn’t changed much for me lately. I’ve gotten bored of my job and my home life gets worse by the day. This is due to illness mostly and an obvious lack of understanding on why it gets worse. This is a problem without any clear solution, so I will try not to dwell on it too much. Hope is not for reserved for those who are unwilling to change.

Aside from that, a new Fall BRMC tour has been announced! Not everyone is happy with this set of dates, but more and more keep being added including a couple dates in New Zealand (unfortunately close to my birthday). According to the New Zealand Herald: “They’ll be playing at Bodega in Wellington on Tuesday, November 19 and at The Powerstation in Auckland on Wednesday, November 20. Tickets on sale August 15, see for details.”

Anyways, the sad fact is no one I know seems to have the money and/or time to travel very far and I still haven’t renewed my passport (which expired a couple years ago). I won’t go on too much about why I am missing out as you never know if the shows are going to be streamed or filmed so you’re practically there. There are plenty of shows in the US that would be easier to attend, though even domestic travel seems about as unlikely as a sudden change of heart from a negative person.

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