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WonderCon 2013 (or 2084): Where I discovered CatBug!

catbugI attended WonderCon a couple weeks ago now, but only recently decided to find out more about Catbug – who I found many cool shirts of at the Mighty Fine booth. I had never watched the web series “Bravest Warriors” or even heard of Catbug before then, but now that I have watched it – I’m glad I did and even happier to have picked up an “I’m Catbug!” shirt.

Catbug looks a little like a Pikachu, but it’s more blue cat with ladybug wings – you can’t get much cuter than that. And the show itself is pretty funny, probably because it’s created by the same person who created Adventure Time (same writers too).  When I bought the shirt, they said Sam (who is the adorable 6 year old voice of the Catbug) was there earlier.  I haven’t watched that show really, but it’s huge apparently and Cartoon Hangover (the YouTube channel where Bravest Warriors is from) is pretty cool too!

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