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BRMC Down Here – redesign & update at last!

After first testing out WordPress on my BRMC site awhile ago, I finally did a re-design and content update for the new BRMC album Specter at the Feast, which came out last week. There’s still a huge need to get the Interviews up to date (and Gear), but that will be an ongoing thing that may never get current. My most exciting accomplishment for the new site is incorporating all my BRMC sets on Flickr on a single page with one amazing plugin called Photonic by aquoid themes.

It basically has all the bells and whistles you’d want in an image gallery (pulling from pre-existing photo sharing sites) and gives so many options on how to layout the thumbnails for one or multiple image galleries, then open each gallery in almost any type of light box. On top of that, you have multiple slideshows options to choose from. I wanted to do something just as fancy on my one and only custom site design at my first real web design position, but it seemed damn near impossible at the time. Soon after, I wanted to do that on my portfolio site, but was also finding it very challenging.

I was initially feeling somewhat dissatisfied with the original theme I was testing and though I would like the current theme to take up more screen space, it isn’t bad for what it does offer. I’m sure I could widen it out, but it’s fine for now. I kind of miss the customizable headers of the iWeb site, but the beautiful drawing by Paula_k from the “Let the Day Begin” single more than makes up for that. Of course, I must thank Veronica Bas (who runs a great site called BRMC en español) for getting me motivated to update after a long time of period of laziness (or maybe frustration since it wasn’t how I thought it should be). She was kind enough to include the new site on BRMC en español’s list of fan sites.

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