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My birthday, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday

November has been jam packed full of reasons to celebrate, not necessarily because of my birthday- though it has helped me re-connect and catch up with friends I feel I’ve lost touch with.  Being gainfully employed is also nice, but I also realized that I didn’t need to over extend myself even with extracurriculars, like online courses (like the Perl class I ended up dropping)  and having one of my tutoring students stop our meetings has freed up my schedule on my days off.

Having some exciting shows and travels next month is a great thing to look forward to soon, though it may be even more tiring than the usual gigs. Fortunately, it’s all right before the weekend, which means I at least have the weekend to recover.  The shows are when I get to see a lot of good friends all at once, which will be nice after such a long time. Not to mention seeing BRMC and hearing what new sounds they’ve com up with…

My Black Friday/birthday shopping included some items from Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret (though only enough to get my secret rewards, free scarf, and use my birthday coupon),, and JustFab’s Hello Kitty selections (the flats). I would usually take advantage of the’s sales, but I didn’t realize they started at midnight on Black Friday (which I was probably too tired after the drive back from my friend’s place).  I may have missed out on some good sales on Tokidoki stuff, but I have a lot already… though I do wonder if I’ll ever find the Portrait bags for a reasonable price.

If I can get back to writing an article for each month, I could be a CBS OnTopic Shopping & Style writer as well. That might be worth making the effort for… I actually have a lot of exciting purchases to discuss now. I never did end up writing my fashionable gadget bag article. Though my research did not prove as fruitful as I’d hoped. I’m sure there are other ideas I can pull out or come up with. Or maybe I can actually find more cool bags to write about.

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