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BRMC’s Ltd Edition Not For Sale shirt + Mystique Extend

It seems like since I have been working again, I haven’t seen or heard from my friends in awhile outside of the online world. My summer has been a bit less interesting in that respect. There is some exciting news in the BRMC world, they played a couple shows in New York last week for Fashion Week and another secret gig in New York.

BRMC have recently collaborated with Not For Sale to create a new limited edition T-shirt design! Get it while you can for $24 a shirt! It seems like they would have had one awhile back when they first started working with them, but perhaps it is going to coincide with the new album announcement (which we are all still waiting impatiently for).

Change is never easy, and if something works and you like it – then stick with it. Since I got my Mystique Extend Child theme working fine, I decided it is more what I like in a design and theme. I like the Mystique theme in general and I think I only switched because I couldn’t get the image slider working, but now it is and I’m happy!

It’s been awhile since I blogged here, not like I do much in the first place. Summer’s over (despite the current heat) and I’ve started online classes and tutoring on my day off from work. It’s a busier schedule than what I’m used to, but it’s manageable. I try not to tire myself out too much with being very busy and I generally am not.



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