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A Tale of 2 Cities

I’ve lived for various periods of time in 2 major cities in California: Los Angeles (during college) and San Francisco (after college). Orange County is what I consider a giant suburb and doesn’t seem very “city”-like.  I never really stopped living in Orange County while I was going to college in LA, and even while I was in SF – I was going back to Orange County a lot. I guess homesickness has a bit to do with it, I’m generally more used to and comfortable in the suburbs.

I’m not so much an explorer as I’d like to be, and though I find San Francisco to be more intimidating than LA at night – I’ve been more brave in exploring it on my own than LA. Another thing about SF is that though I’d never drive there, I find it much easier to get around in because of their public transportation system. I’ve mentioned taking a bus at night in LA to people I hardly know, and they’re quick to offer a ride to prevent such a thing. Walking around at night can be scary, but riding a bus shouldn’t be, right?

I did a bit of travelling on my own in LA by bus and rail, and though it was different from sitting in a car or driving a car – it wasn’t bad. I had a brief interest in Architecture and Urban Planning, which was somewhat related to transportation.  I was used to late night drives between LA and Orange County to avoid sitting in traffic for 3 hours.  A 20 to 30 mile drive should not usually take more than an hour, but unfortunately it does in most parts of SoCal.

Something I really love about my current job is learning of new projects and studies seek to end the congestion of LA traffic and make a huge area of land easier to get around. I personally don’t think the future of transportation will suck, it probably sucks more now with people spending more time sitting in their cars and causing more pollution and smog. I’m not a tree hugger, but I know there’s better ways to get around than driving.

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