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Thanks Loyalty United!

I’ve been on Twitter for awhile now, it started out mostly to just win stuff. Now I mostly just use it to broadcast tweets about stuff, though every so often I’ve used it to communicate with fellow social media enthusiasts. I’ve recently had some good conversations with a T-Shirt company called Loyalty United.

They gave me a special thanks on their website which also mentioned this blog, which was really kind of them. Aside from being nice people, they make really cool T-shirt designs which are available in their online store for around $20 a shirt. Currently, they are in the process of making women’s shirts as well as men’s – which is something to look forward to. Their designs have a lot of skulls, wings, and lions – which makes me think they could create some good designs for BRMC.

I’ve been conversing with them about my job search, which was not looking so good for awhile and then suddenly got much better. In fact, I am waiting to start a job that I interviewed with a couple weeks ago and found out last Monday that they wanted to hire me. There’s some delay due to my inexperience (just under 2 years of related experience), so I’m still waiting to start.

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