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Social Network add-athon

I know “add-athon” is not a word, but it makes sense in the context of me joining pretty much any social network site that I find interesting. In the past 2 days, I’ve joined Quora, PeerIndex, and the Brazen Careerist. All are somewhat interesting, though I think Quora wins in terms of what I’m looking for because it makes it really easy to find interesting topics and people I’m already connected to on Facebook. Twitter, and LinkedIn.  I expected the Brazen Careerist to be more useful than it is, maybe I’m not using it right.  PeerIndex is just one of those social influence measuring sites, sort of like Klout but without the perks.

But that’s not all… I joined a beauty product website called MyGlam recently, but they were sold out of their Glam Bags – which are $10/month for a bunch of samples. I just joined Stage 32, a network for film, TV, and theater creatives. It’s probably because I joined UCLA’s film, TV, and theater alumni network. I did a bit of digital video editing at Fullerton College and City College of San Francisco, where I also took a Video Production class and other Broadcast Media classes – mostly on writing and software. I’m not that into video editing, but I wouldn’t mind doing it as part of a web related job.

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