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AllSaints Not For Sale featuring Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

It’s crazy how so much is packed in the Hollywood area: there’s the Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood and Highland, the Pantages Theater, Amoeba Music, the Chinese Theater, The El Capitan, the Egyptian Theater, and the Music Box theater all in close range of each other. Film and music lovers could spend hours watching movies, staring at stars (on the ground), and seeing great bands from all over the world. The AllSaints Not For Sale event was an invite only gig, which managed to have plenty of famous and fashion industry people while still having some real BRMC fans and friends in attendance thanks to the prize winners who’d purchased shirts in advance before the show. Dana was one of these lucky winners and I was her even luckier date.

P1000353These special events are always kind of strange because celebrities are milling about and models are serving snacks. Bar tenders are busily attending to the many people who take advantage of the open bar. And who could say no to free drinks and snacks? Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino welterweight boxing champion of the world, was the special guest of the evening. There is plenty of human trafficking in the Philippines, which much of the world knows nothing about. Celebrity endorsements aside, there really is a problem when people are still being bought and sold as slaves – wage slaves, sex slaves, even worse is when it’s a child who’s adult life ends up troubled due to horrible experiences. It’s a heartbreaking thing to know that Slavery still exists all around us according to

So I forgot to write anything about the show. BRMC were a breath of fresh air in the star studded environment, which I heard included Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York) and most likely many other important people. We saw Dan Russell, his sister Nancy (who works at LACMA), and her friend who was charge of volunteers at TwentyWonder. Robert made a funny remark in between songs as how important we all know that fashion is. This was met by many approving chuckles from the fans. I took quite a few photos, which you’ll find on Flickr. I’d say they played for about an hour and a half. The set included 10 +1 songs (thanks to Mel on the Forum for the setlist):

Beat the Devil’s Tattoo
Bad Blood
US Govt
Weapon of Choice
Ain’t No Easy Way
Red Eyes and Tears
Six Barrel Shotgun
Punk Song
Spread Your Love
Shadow’s Keeper
Open Invitation

Check out my videos of “US Govt” and “Open Invitation”:


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