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Japan LA Kittens & Ice Cream art show

Last night was my first visit to Japan LA on Melrose Ave and Fuller. It was extremely packed and full of interesting characters – both real and drawn. If I had gotten more into creating art, this could have been the type of crowd I would hang around. I doubt I am really that colorful though. There were lots of lolita and crazy cat lady people for the contest. Hello Kitty was taking pictures with some of them. It’s the type of store I’d want to run if that were an option, but for some reason – any stores like that in OC don’t do well. I guess there are a few places left now, but it’s kind of rare to see a store dedicated to selling a mix of Tokidoki, Sanrio, Loungefly, Crowded Teeth, San-X, and any of the cute Japanese influenced clothing that I’ve learned to love.

There was a very long line just to get inside the store, which despite being larger than a Sanrio store was not large enough for the crowd that showed up. People were crowded on the sidewalk in front for the food trucks. Inside the store, it was hot and hard to move because it was so full. I’m not sure I’d shop here on a normal day considering how far away the store is from me. The houses in the area are actually very nice and many are both unique and have newish looking exteriors. If the streets weren’t so tiny and packed with cars, I’d actually be interested in living in that part of LA. Apartments seem like a nicer option considering how parking is so difficult when you have street parking like that. I did end up spending more than I expected since this cute design by Camilla d’Errico called “Cherry Jubilee” was available in T-shirt form for both girls and guys.

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