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Break time

Next week, I’m planning to be back in San Francisco for about a week. My boyfriend is going to Google IO and I will just be hanging out with friends and family. It’ll be a nice break. I’m not sure about moving up there for work, there are many great companies in the city, not to mention the surrounding areas. Those are the kinds of companies who probably have plenty of good experience job seekers to choose from, which is most likely why I may not even be considered to work there. A lot of contract jobs I get contacted about are in the Bay Area, and it’s definitely easier to get that kind of work before something more permanent.

I’m fortunate to have many breaks from work, but that’s a mixed blessing. I’m not getting the experience (or pay) of someone who is continuously working, but I do have the time to reflect and decide what to do next rather than just having to keep going. I’ve had the time to travel, make friends, take classes, and ultimately change my career path. As much as I’d like to be an experienced and highly paid something or other, I’m just figuring what I want to do and how I can do it.

My family is generally supportive about me working, but not necessarily doing things I enjoy. They do provide me financial support in the housing area for the most part, so I’m happy to be able to not pay rent or anything while I try to get where I want to be in life. I still think working from home would be nice, but I do like going into a workplace and having an office to work in that’s separate from where I live. My current excuse for a home office is way too messy to be productive in and my room is not much better. I often say I’d clean more if I had time, but I really just need to be motivated to do it.

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