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Las Vegas: The Cosmopolitan

The free shows that BRMC played at the Cosmopolitan’s Book & Stage Bar brought me back to the Las Vegas strip after a long absence. They played at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino last time, which is off the Strip and before that at Jillian’s which is south. I did stay at the Excalibur not too long for a bachelorette party, but we mostly didn’t do much on the strip. It’s a very different experience walking along the Las Vegas strip compared to other parts. Being bombarded by strip club ads and such is one thing, there’s also some other stuff like street performers and even the occasional ambulance.

The cost of living is pretty different in Las Vegas, gas seems to be much cheaper, and sales tax is much lower than California. I normally tip at restaurants by doubling the sales tax, but I forgot that I need to add a little more because of the nearly 2% difference. Next time… I rarely under tip on purpose, so next time I’ll be extra generous eating at KGB in Harrah’s – which serves amazing burgers. Another cool place to eat is the Earl of Sandwhich in Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, which used to be Aladdin. It’s 24 hours, reasonably priced, and makes really tasty hot sandwiches.

I didn’t manage to go to any buffets in Las Vegas, though I wanted to check out the Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan. On the way back, I did go to the Gold Strike Buffet for $5.99 in Jean, not far from the state line. It was small, but pretty tasty. You even get soda with the cost of the buffet, so it’s worth it if you miss out on eating buffets in Vegas. I was pretty happy with the Imperial Palace, which not only has clean comfortable rooms for only $25/night during the week – but I also managed to come out ahead on penny slots using the $5 free slot play that I got for signing up for their Rewards Club! I just wished I could have used some more of my coupon books!


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