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BRMC at the Cosmopolitan

It hasn’t been that long since I saw BRMC live, but it’s nice that they’re playing 3 free shows in Las Vegas at the Book & Stage in the Cosmopolitan on the nights of February 15th and 16th.  BRMC’s song “Spread Your Love” is used in one of the ads for the hotel, and I first noticed it last October when I was watching TV in San Francisco. I really don’t watch TV anymore and I don’t miss it, but that’s another story.  Here’s the full 60 second ad on YouTube:

I love the cute fluffy kittens and puppies, but I digress… Since the shows are in the middle of the week, hotel prices are more reasonable than on weekends and I found a very close and cheap hotel to stay at. Gas is a big expense, but necessary for long road trips. Being unemployed or even only working part time has its advantages, since I wouldn’t be able to do this if I (or my boyfriend) had a full time job. Not having a lot of money is tough, but I’ve been getting by so far.  I should probably list some more stuff on ebay and make the most of my store, and I should also clean up and organize my room… I will be doing both more soon.

I recently was contacted by a Facebook friend about building a site, which will require me to apply some of my limited database knowledge in a real world context.  I hope I can manage it! I’ve also been getting painting lessons from a friend, along with her mom. So far, I feel more comfortable with drawing – but painting is much more involved than drawing. I am still in need of a few supplies before finishing my painting, which is a peacock that was originally made by a Chinese master chef who used postage stamps to create beautiful and elaborate mosaics. I will post pictures soon of that.

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