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On Thursday afternoon, I did have a phone interview with a hiring manager at that company I’ve wanted to work for since I first got into using computers and I did feel that it went well. I’m sure they had many other highly qualified candidates, so the company can be selective about who they go with. Since it isn’t local and I may not hear back for up to 2 weeks on the next step, I’m kind of in a weird state of thinking of whether or not to apply to jobs in this area or maybe just deciding that it would be better for my career to move to either San Francisco or Silicon Valley.

My dad and brother are in San Francisco, but are somewhat fickle in how actually supportive they are of my life and choices. My sister is in Silicon Valley, but she has a small house with husband and 2 kids. I could possibly stay with her for a short time, but I would eventually have to get my own place and I would hope my boyfriend would be able to move with me. I know the easiest thing to do is to just stay here, find any sort of web design job, and just gain more experience. It’s a hard thing to want to do when I know all the high tech companies that are leading the way are not far away.
Another thing I’ve considered is focusing more on getting freelance work and selling more on my ebay store. That would be a nice way to pay the bills while I am deciding my next step. I don’t really enjoy moving, but maybe I could use a fresh start in a new place that I am familiar with. I’ve stayed with my sister in Santa Clara and I’ve lived in San Francisco, so I do know that both areas are pretty nice.  I know more people in San Francisco and there is more to do there, but the tech industry is more in Silicon Valley. There’s plenty of good jobs in both places, so it could go either way right now.

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