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Is this still a music blog?

I can’t really say… sure, I like music, but I haven’t kept up with what’s new. I guess a blog re-categorization is in order, since I still get some bands asking me to plug their music. I will always enjoy and appreciate good music. I just can’t keep up with it. I have my preferences and made friends through following certain bands and going to events with friends, so I hope to continue that at least. If I do find some new and exciting sounds, of course I’ll share it with people. I just don’t want to force it on anyone. I feel that coercion is a horrible thing for anyone to do to someone else, but I guess it might be necessary if it benefits the one being coerced. I’m not referencing a particular person or instance, though I know there are many.

On the job front, my interview today was much more promising than my last one. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath. I know there are many more experienced web workers than myself, which is what makes finding anything pretty tough. Just hoping experience is not the most important thing and something good will come through for me. Rather than trying to dwell on past mistakes or events, I want to move forward in pursuing web design and development as a career. I would love to do freelance, but I’m not sure most companies would consider me.

After my interview, me and my boyfriend dropped by Fry’s for some window shopping and lunch. It’s always a bad thing when we stop by the anime or gaming peripherals sections, but I managed to prevent some unnecessary purchases. The little cafe inside the store is not as bad as the Yelp reviews claim, but I was really hungry – so who knows? Pastrami with provolone on wheat tastes good to me when I’m starved. The chips were a little weird, but not bad. Maybe I won’t choose a flavor with the word “funky” in the name next time. Service could be better, but it was a little busy there. If they aren’t getting tips, maybe there’s a reason for bad service… or maybe I didn’t see the tip jar.

After that, we went to Diamond Plaza to visit Arcade Infinity – which was closed when we first got there, but after a short rest for Milk Tea, we returned and it was opened. I watched my boyfriend play DJ Max Technika 2 and then we played a few matches of Melty Blood, a pretty fun anime fighting game. Apparently, I’m too much of a button masher, but I knew this already. That may mean the world of professional arcade fighting will be a little tough for me to get into, not that I really wanted to. Video games are fun, but I would rather not compete in them too much. I also think being too competitive takes the fun out of things, but that’s just me. Some people love competing, and those are the ones who make great athletes, lawyers, doctors, academics, etc.

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