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Weekend Highlights

Aside from the BRMC show, I also had a nice time hanging out with friends and family and learning to use oil pastels. On Saturday, my friend Joyce showed me how to use oil pastels. It was interesting layering and mixing colors. My drawing didn’t come out to great (Annie, the Norwegian pop princess, from URB magazine), but it turned out better than it started out. On Sunday, I practiced driving on freeways with my mom. I still want to stick to local roads while I have the time and leisure to do so, but I’m sure I’ll get back to freeway driving soon enough. We also had lunch with my grandma for her birthday at a Chinese restaurant in Irvine. I wasn’t too hungry, so I didn’t eat much then.

I met up with Suzanne and Jodi at my house at around 3:30 PM, they had been shopping in the area. We left for the Wiltern soon after changing for the show (we all went casual). When we got to the Wiltern, there was already a line which made Jodi sad. We still managed to get our usual front row spots. We also were highly amused by Robert’s Hispanic doppelganger (who claimed to dress that way because of the Jesus and Mary Chain). Jodi and Suzanne were standing next to him for most of the show, and he was apparently also amusing to Robert and Peter. The bands were all really good, I liked the first band Lower Heaven mostly for the autoharp played by the lead singer. Their music was pretty cool too.

The Black Angels were actually really good too, not that it’s a surprise. I liked their new songs as well as the old ones. It’s not a huge departure from the last album, but it’s very listenable. They occasionally switched off on instruments and the bassist would play a stand up drum while one of the guitarists would switch to the bass. They made pretty seamless transitions to their different spots on stage. I can see why BRMC likes the band so much, they make some very good music. BRMC came on not too long after, with their old banner and lots of extra amps piled up in front of the drum kit. Later, we would find out that the extra amps were for the Black Angels to jam with BRMC for a good 10+ minutes.

BRMC played an amazingly good setlist, which included everything from “The Likes of You,” “20 Hours,” and “Vision” to “Steal A Ride,” “Killing the Light,” and “Cold Wind.” Lots of great less played songs, plus they played the new song “River Styx,” which was starts out a lot like Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus,” but it goes into a more swampy bluegrass kind of sound. I will go into more detail about the show later, but during “Whatever Happened To My Rock ‘n Roll?” Peter was taking people’s cameras and grabbed at mine twice! It was actually more funny then mean, he was having a good time taking them and giving them back right after. After the show, he said he knew he wouldn’t get my camera because I had it wrapped around my wrist.

Anyways, I got a lot of photos and videos from the show, still working on uploading a lot of video. Here are my photos from the show:


The Black Angels:

Lower Heaven:

Here’s a video of part of the jam with the Black Angels:

and the end of Heart + Soul as well as the first part of the jam:

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