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The Raveonettes, Be Your Own Pet @ Detroit Bar 3-2-08

The crowded Costa Mesa Detroit Bar was treated to the sweetly surf-guitar tinged sounds of The Raveonettes, one of Denmark’s finest exports. Opening their set with the new song “Hallucinations,” dual guitarist/vocalist Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo harmonized perfectly on the sun-soaked ode to new romance. The duo was backed by a standing female drummer with only two drums and a drum machine, but the sounds they produced were impressively full and layered.

The next song they played was the current single “Dead Sound,” which is a faster track that is equally bright and sunny. The Raveonettes played a set largely taken from the new LP “Lust Lust Lust,” but also threw in some favorites from the previous albums “Chain Gang of Love” and “Pretty In Black.” “That Great Love Sound” was an exciting addition to the set with its upbeat tempo and hummable lyrics. They slowed things down with the song “Here Comes Mary,” which sounds faintly like the Everly Brothers.

Another “Pretty In Black” song “Red Tan” highlighted the set with its nice relaxed beat. They went even farther back to play a couple tracks from their debut EP “Whip It On.” Hearing “Attack of the Ghost Riders” and “My Tornado” in all their B flat minor glory showed the darker side of the Raveonettes. The newer material stood out quite well among these older songs. “The Beat Dies” features Sharin Foo’s dreamy vocals on this lushly beautiful song.

“Black Satin” is another one of those songs that makes you think the latest album was written on a sunny beach. The Raveonettes picked up the pace on “You Want the Candy,” a fast fun song that you might not expect to be about drug use. Another live staple was the rockabilly twang of “Love In A Trashcan,” always a fun addition to their set. A cover of Stereolab’s “French Disko” was a very cool way to show off the band’s wide range of influences.

The Raveonettes closed the set with the darkly toned “Aly, Walk With Me,” a song which demonstrates their ability to produce feedback and noise using the palms of their hands over their guitar strings. Though they left us wanting more, there was no encore. Be Your Own Pet opened the show with their racous punk rock music. The young band from Tennessee managed to excite the crowd with their off-kilter vocals and punky guitar riffs. They provided a stark contrast from the more controlled and melodic sound of the Raveonettes, but it was an interesting choice for an opener.

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