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BRMC @ Ventura Theater 9-6-07

Magic Mirror did a good job opening the show with their ’60’s style rock, I like them even though I missed some of their set when my brother called to ask me where his keys were. While I was out, I noticed the new double sided tote bags for $12. I got one after the show. Then I saw Suzanne smoking and getting off her phone outside. We went back inside to hear more of Magic Mirror and I got some pictures before I went back to the front and Suzanne went back out to smoke. I saw Peter checking out their set from the back also.

Aside from “Screaming Gun” and “Sympathetic Noose,” I don’t think we got anything really different from the Sacramento show (which I missed unfortunately, but heard great things about). Of course, “Killing The Light” and “Going Under” are pretty special, and “All You Do Is Talk” is a great show closer. Unfortunately, Peter told Suzanne he wasn’t feeling it that night even though Robert was really into it. He was jumping up on his monitors and going all footloose everywhere. It was nice to see him into it, at least.

Nick was miked up and singing along during “Killing The Light,” that was pretty exciting to see/hear (though I couldn’t really hear him unfortunately). I saw him carrying something on stage before their set started, but I’m not sure what it was. Spike and Robert’s girlfriends were there, so they weren’t too chatty before the show. I saw Robert talking to some fans after though. Suzanne spoke with Peter after the show, and Nick a little. I was talking to Theresa most of the time, so I didn’t have a chance to say hi.

Set list:

Took Out A Loan (with extra words by Robert at the start and end!)
Love Burns
Weapon of Choice
Punk Song
Weight of the World
Killing The Light
Red Eyes and Tears
666 Conducer
Sympathetic Noose
Fault Line
Complicated Situation
Ain’t No Easy Way
Need Some Air
American X


Shuffle Your Feet
Screaming Gun
Going Under
All You Do Is Talk

Here are some photos:

BRMC @ Ventura Theater 9-6-07 1

BRMC @ Ventura Theater 9-6-07 2

BRMC @ Ventura Theater 9-6-07 3

BRMC @ Ventura Theater 9-6-07 4

BRMC @ Ventura Theater 9-6-07 5

BRMC @ Ventura Theater 9-6-07 6

BRMC @ Ventura Theater 9-6-07 7

BRMC @ Ventura Theater 9-6-07 8

BRMC @ Ventura Theater 9-6-07 9

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