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I’m seriously considering ditching .Mac for Web Hosting Buzz to host my BRMC fan site – Down Here. The problem and possible reason for switching is that the templates I used for .Mac are crappy, but easy to update. I would love to redesign my site from scratch, but my HTML skills are limited. Of course, there’s always lots of info to help from the internet, which should help because I probably want to do things with the site that I have no idea how to do.

The benefits of switching are lots more space and bandwidth, domain names for life, and saving lots of money each year. I’d be dumb not to switch. However, the laziness in me has kept me with .Mac all these years and it’s also preventing me from wanting to learn to build a real website rather than a template based one. I have 45 days before my .Mac account expires, but that still might not be enough time to learn all the stuff it takes to build a decent site, let alone a cool one.

There’s an XTC website called Optimism’s Flames which is really cool and probably a little more complex than what I know how to do. Still, if there was ever an inspired look for a site that I had, it’d be that one. Anyways, there’s no reason I couldn’t learn to make a great site, I have lots of time on my hands and I’m sort of willing to learn. I could put the old site up until I actually figure out how to use Dreamweaver.

It’s kind of sad that a lot of old BRMC fan sites disappeared, that’s also why I was not willing to change mine for so long. Anyways, I think I am going to do this. I’ve always wanted my own domain name, and this will be the best way to do it. I think I’ll still need help figuring out how to actually design and build a new site, but that also might be very rewarding.

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