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Columbus, Covington, and Cincinatti

It’s been over a week since I was in Cincinatti, so I might as well start blogging about it. No offense to the citizens of Cinci, but this was probably my least favorite place to see BRMC. Not because they played bad or anything, but we did have our share of unfriendly and downright rude people bothering us there. Covington, KY was rather nice in comparison and just a short drive over a bridge away from Cincinatti. It wasn’t all bad, we did meet some nice people there. Over all, I don’t have happy memories of this city.

Our trip started in Columbus, OH, where after 2 layovers in Minneapolis and Detroit, me and Suzanne finally arrived at the airport we were headed for. After getting no sleep the night before, we were both asleep for most of those plane rides. We found Michele waiting for us in the airport (she’d arrived several hours before us) and proceeded to the rental car area. The rental car guy must have been from Switzerland or something, he had a very funny accent which we’d mock throughout the rest of our trip. We ended up with a lovely white Dodge Avenger with a new engine that Suzanne would really break in with her race car driving skills.

After putting our stuff away and sitting down to relax for awhile, we went back into the airport to meet Jodi, whose original flight was overbooked so she was put on a later more direct flight from Salt Lake City. We probably didn’t leave Columbus until around 11 PM and not long after hitting the rode decided to stop at one of the many Waffle Houses that we passed on our way to Covington. Our meal was served by our delightful server Zebulon, who enjoyed our excitement at eating at the Waffle House and our jukebox selections of Waffle House songs and other classics. As we were leaving and taking photos outside, we were given Waffle House hats and took some photos with Zeb.

We made good time to our hotel, which was only a couple hours away from the airport. It was easy to get to sleep that night after the long day of flying. In the morning, we got ready and went to pick up Liz at the airport in Cincinatti. First, we did a drive by of Bogart’s. After bringing Liz back to our hotel, we gave her some time to get ready and then went back to Cincinatti for food. We had some pizza from a nearby restaurant. After that, we went back to Bogart’s to buy tickets. We parked near a Taek won doo center, where Suzanne wanted us all to pose in front of it. After that, we were off to look for a coffee shop.

After a really long walk, we ended up at a place that was closed, but opened at 5 PM. It was about 4:30 and the guy who owned the place decided to let us in so we could cool down and enjoy the air conditioning. It was a really nice coffee bar inside and we sat and enjoyed the ambiance, which included lots of plants and even some fish tanks, which Liz seemed to enjoy a lot. Me and Suzanne went out to the patio, which was covered in lots of leafy green foliage – it was really lovely. We were locked out for a few minutes, since we didn’t realize it was a locked door. We went back inside to order some coffee. I got ice cream, which had hair in it. I sent it back the first time, but the second time, I decided just to pick it out. I don’t think we were charged for it anyways.

On our way back to Bogart’s, we stopped by a Thrift Store. It was an interesting store because it was just a house with lots of clothes hanging in it for sale. Jodi found a onesie that she was very excited about and Liz found a cowboy hat to match the awesome black and gold phoenix boots she had on, but decided not to get it. Walking back to Bogart’s, we passed by a few smelly spots that we later remembered to not breathe in at later. We were quite a spectacle for the locals, who asked us if we were looking for trouble. I had no idea what that meant, so I said yes and everyone thought I was crazy. Luckily, I don’t think the person who asked heard me.

Okay, next blog, I will describe the show and after math in detail. This is just the pre-show antics that needed documentation for all eternity. Waiting in line wasn’t terribly interesting, so I’ll skip that too. I managed to avoid explaining why people in Cincinatti were so rude, it was really just a couple people. This red haired guy got really pissed off at Suzanne as she was making a turn near an intersection and he actually got out of his car to yell at her. We were all a bit shaken after that and very much soured on the city of Cincinatti. Also, the guy who served our coffee at the coffee bar wasn’t particularly friendly, so we assumed he hated us. Well, that’s all for now folks!

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