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BRMC Berlin video shoot @ Little Radio

Planning for Ohio is going swimmingly… well, at least, they’ve started. In the meantime, here’s a brief rundown of the Berlin video shoot from June 23rd:

Robert mentioned this video shoot for “Berlin” in Las Vegas, but we didn’t learn all the details about it until a couple days (and actually the day) before it happened. Me and Suzanne arrived at Little Radio around 2 PM and went to get food at Jack in the Box before it started. There were a few people there already, but not as many as we thought there’d be.

Jodi and Kimberly were sitting in Jodi’s car and we sat around and talked for awhile before the actual shoot began. We ended up waiting a lot longer than we thought. It said 3:30 PM on the MySpace bulletin and we were waiting outside until around 5 PM at least. Robert did come over to talk to us before then and mentioned that he cut his own hair with a bowl.

When we finally entered the warehouse, we saw Robert on stage with his bass and a camera mounted on top of his head. Nick and Peter were also on stage, but without cameras. Apparently, the video had some of theme where you see each band members’ view of the audience through these cameras. We were told to be really excited during the filming of the song. After numerous takes, we were given a chance to rest and go outside where it was much cooler.

We got some interested bits of songs in between filming. They started playing “We’re All In Love,” but it seems Peter couldn’t remember the words. At some point, Robert played his version of “Chelsea Hotel” along with a new song I’d never heard before. They filmed another part of the video on Peter’s side (with the camera mounted on Peter) and had the audience all around the stage and on the stairs.

Nick was next up for having a camera mounted on him. During the filming of his part, Robert and Peter weren’t on stage and they just played the track while he drummed along. His part of the band perspective video seemed to go by really quickly and soon he was done. After lots of breaks, they did a crowd scene which seemed to take the longest of all the shots. During this time, Peter played a cover of “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis Presley. It was a very lovely version too.

Someone, possibly the director, said that the video would have someone going through the crowd with a helmet cam and then pushing his way on stage to grab the mike from Peter, who would kick him away. This part of the video involved Peter wearing his own helmet camera and special glasses to see through that camera as if the camera were his eyes. During this time, Peter noticed us taking pictures and posed for us. It was so funny seeing him wearing all that equipment flipping us off!

At the end of the shoot, everyone was exhausted, but we still got a full set of songs from BRMC. Here’s the set list from the entire night, according to Jodi:

Solo Robert songs:
Chelsea Hotel (Leonard Cohen cover)
Unnamed new song by Robert (“it has really complex chords”) featuring a chorus with lots of falsetto.

I think this is when Peter and Nick came on stage for a bit.
I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (Elvis cover sung by Peter)
We’re All In Love (partial, since they couldn’t remember the words)

Solo Robert again.
The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (Bob Dylan cover)

With Peter and Nick again, between takes.
Complicated Situation
White Palms

I think this is where the actual show started.
666 Conducer
Took Out A Loan
US Government
Six Barrel Shotgun
As Sure As The Sun
American X
Red Eyes And Tears

The last song was a request from Spike, who showed up near the end of the shoot. Peter explained that the crew had been working hard all day and needed to rest, so they would end their set there. He also said he’d be outside with his acoustic guitar, which he was. He played a couple songs there, but the only one I really remember is the Elvis song.

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